Retro Trading Card Toolkit

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Retro Trading Cards Toolkit 🎨✨

Unleash your creativity with our Retro Trading Cards Toolkit, a comprehensive package designed to enhance your designs, illustrations, and photographs with a vintage flair. This toolkit is perfect for creating eye-catching visuals that stand out with authentic retro textures and styles.

What's Inside:

  • Trading Card Machine: Effortlessly create stunning vintage trading cards with our easy-to-use PSD file. Just insert your poster design, and choose from 30 unique textures to bring your creation to life.
  • Mini-Card Machine: Create charming mini trading cards with this PSD file, featuring 8 unique textures to give your designs a distinctive look.
  • Plastic Zip Bag Textures: Add a realistic touch to your designs with 15 high-quality PNG textures of plastic zip bags, ready to drag and drop over your artwork.
  • Paper Textures: Enhance your projects with 10 PNG textures of paper, perfect for adding that vintage feel to your designs.
  • Photoshop Brushes: Apply wear-and-tear effects with 10 custom Photoshop brushes, designed to give your artwork the authentic look of aged vintage cards.
  • Mini-Stickers Mockups: Include 10 mini-sticker mockups to decorate and enhance your designs with an extra layer of detail.
  • Pre-Made Scenes: Save time and effort with 12 pre-made scenes in PSD format. Just insert your designs, and you're ready to go. Five scenes feature hands holding various cards and posters, while the remaining seven are beautifully composed arrangements using all the elements from the toolkit.
  • Video Mockup: Bring your designs to life with an animated video mockup in PSD format. Simply insert your artwork, and you'll have a captivating video presentation ready to use.

This toolkit is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create stunning vintage-inspired visuals with ease. Perfect for social media posts, promotional materials, and more, the Retro Trading Cards Toolkit has everything you need to make your designs shine.🌞


  • 1 PSD Trading Card Machine
  • 1 PSD Mini-Card Machine
  • 15 PNG Zip Bag Textures
  • 1 PNG Plastic Case Texture
  • 10 PNG Paper Textures
  • 10 ABR Brushes
  • 1 PSD Mini-Sticker Mockup Pack
  • 12 PSD Pre-made Scenes
  • 1 PSD Video Loop Mockup
  • Image Previews
  • Instruction Guides

Easy peasy

Just paste your design into the smart object layer, save it, and all it's done! /// Remember that if you have any problem, you can contact us and we will solve it as soon as possible.


  • Easy to use
  • Organized layers
  • Clear instructions
  • High resolution
  • Separated elements
  • Fully customizable

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Retro Trading Card Toolkit

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